Hello, and welcome to Rotted Reviews!

Michael Stone

Host, writer, editor, and basically the one-man show that runs the one-man show of Rotted Reviews.

Born in 1980, Michael grew up in San Diego, CA and has spent his life engaged with a career in IT and a love of film.  After a brief stint as a published film critic for the San Diego Mesa Press, he put his nose back into the computer because, well, rent needs to get paid.

In 2006, he moved to rural Western New York state and has continued his career in IT.

In the summer of 2018, the movie-critic-itch sprang forth again, this time taking the form of operating and publishing independently.  Inspired by shows such as Good Mythical Morning, Mike decided to try his hand at making videos and established RotD-Reviews on Youtube, the precursor to Rotted Reviews.

Rotted Reviews began its life as RotD-Reviews, a self-redundant acronym for “Review of the Day Reviews” with the goal of making a new video movie review every day, seven days a week.

The pace of a video every day was able to be maintained for the first six months or so, but ultimately, was unsustainable.  Through a series of tweaks, revisions, name changes, logo changes, and basically allowing itself to evolve within some guidelines, the channel eventually became what it is now, “Rotted Reviews”.

Rotted Reviews is owned by the Rotted Entertainment Group, located in Western New York.